Future Church

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Over 26 years of ministry, I’ve worked with great hope; a hope that others would experience the revolution of Christ as I have. This is met with the current political/philosophical movement overtaking our country.  With what I’m looking at it doesn’t look good, so I am asking myself “What next?” What is next for the Church in America and how do we operate with in the new reality? As a result I have made some prognostications. These will be helpful in moving forward answering the question “What next?”future-church

I would like to give you some personal background. I am a Constitutionalist, I mean, we need to play by the founding rules of the country which were wisely established by our countries founders. The Constitution has afforded us security: Domestic and National. It has also provided freedom of religion and an opportunity to excel.

Also, I am a conservative theologian, student…

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